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What is the Gurls project?

who are these Gurls?

Two digital idols coming together to tell their story in music videos, photo opts, comics and so much more! come see whats going on~



The gurls project is a huge story told over different types of media and mediums to see an overall interest in what people really like about digital idols, their stories, how the information is digested, and what is a particular need of an audience to accept and endorse digital idols. From types of merchandise, quality of promotion and heightened interest for their content.

The Gurls

Rosetta “Cherry”

A punk, western-styled idol trying to make it big in the music/acting industry yet barely making it. As much as she is a star model, she’ll kick you down just for fun.

A cute couple working together to change the ideas of storytelling in music and shows.
Can you keep up?
Are you sure you know everything?

Nova “Peach”

A kawaii-themed magical girl that lives on her passion, every moment spent for creating. This naive girl? Seems to have a few secrets up her pastel sleeves.

how can i support?

You can find updates here, on my youtube, or on Patreon! Any support helps and tells me that you guys want more independent stuff from artists like me!

Below are my first grueling thoughts and opinions of the gurls when first working on them! it was about 4-6 months of concepts, adjustments, and research. the fun and annoying bits of creating something new! have fun reading~

Original Concepts

      SO these are the girls! (at least the earliest concept of them) let me introduce;

Rosetta “Cherry” and  Nova “Peach”

      Arent their names cute? I will say these names are the closest to what they feel like as personalities. though it took so long looking through baby name generators, though funnily enough, I got Cherry's name from a "mafia baby girl name list" and Peach's name from a "'whats your drag name' Pick your letter list"! I guess it's sometimes the weirdest place we find the best of things. hahaha!


      there are so many, they are trying to get the real feel of these characters. like how they would present themselves, how are they openly and what styles of clothing would they be in?

      For Cherry, I feel she's more quiet yet brutish. a mute fighter in a sense. Cherry doesn't care for how others see her, so she'd dress and act however she pleases.

      Yet Nova on the other hand is the one I'm currently being stumped by. mainly for her set outfit. Nova seems to be a very 'poppy', very high energy, popstar/k-pop feel, a little princess (the world is at my fingertips) type of person. aesthetics go on the idea of Kawaii, pop, Lolita, space dreamy.

     her main outfit is one of the two problems have right now with her. the other being her color pallet. this is an odd situation as I want the two to be a pair with one another, so they must work together and apart. it's an interesting sticky situation that will be fun to figure out.

     i will note that they do fit well in the opposite saturations, but similar feels. basing oddly more with reds/pinks than the yellow i was using before. that might be something look into when experimenting.

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