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Terms of Service

like what you see? let's work together!

Everyone has ideas and I have some tools, let's make something together! anything you can think of, I can do, from environment drawings, character concepts, story illustrations to emotes, icons, gifs, and product graphics!

You can find some general information about basic prices below, as everything varies from project to project you can fill out the form at the bottom for a more specific quote. this page will cover overall questions about my process, styles, and other topics for my work or working with me!


After an initial message discussing commission details, I’ll send both an itemized list and/or a brief description of what was said of the commission that gives a basic overview and a quote of how much it would be. For one-time commissions over $500 usd we would be signing a contract. All project commissions and large orders are always under contract.

Sketches would start developing after, or midway payment has been sent. I keep clients updated at least once a week about the progress. We would be working together to make sure the sketches are headed in the right direction for said project. After a final ok, I work on finalizing the commission to a certain point depending on the order.

After a final check/ok from you and some other last-minute polish, everything would be ready! The files would be sent via email or google drive link!


I do require at least 50% upfront for orders over $200 usd, and 100% if under $200. I can do payment plans for larger orders over $500, but work would not start until 50% of the payment has been paid off. Final files will not be sent until the full payment has been completed. If a dispute with the payment has been created, the client will become blacklisted permanently and will not be refunded.

pattern 2c.png


You have every right to terminate an order at any time, but if an order has started the linework/color stage there will be no refund of any type. If the termination happens before the linework/color stage you will be refunded 50% of the agreed payment. If you were on a payment plan and terminated the order and have paid less than 50% you will not be refunded.

All my work, without being notified, is meant for personal use. Please notify me if you plan on using your order for commercial use, as there are other factors that need to be taken into account for your order.

Commercial or
Personal use?

Copyrights & conditions

General overview

Majority of my work, I hold the copyright unless it's specified in the discussion Beforehand or in a contract. I do recommend that clients talk about intents for their orders, like wanting a design for a t-shirt. This gives a better idea of what's needed for the commission and its price. 

Transfer of copyright will happen 14 days after the final files have been delivered and final payment has been sent. Copyright will not transfer if payment has not been completed or if the order has been terminated.

Violation of Copyright & Damages

If the client has decided to use work that was not released of its copyright for monetizable gain, they are in violation of our agreement. That client would be responsible for damages, which may vary from removing the commission from a store that was an item for sale or paying a percentage of profits made from the said commission. A cease and desist will be sent and a discussion will be started to clear up and correct this violation.

 Liability & Fanart

I am not legally liable for the order content that is commissioned as that falls on to the client. 

For example;

                    a client is being sued as a character from a show that has been trademarked is being used for the client's brand benefit.

 I am only responsible for the creation of the work, that was paid for by the client. I would say to be careful when commissioning fanwork and only do so for personal use. Not commercial.

Contracts & Verbal agreements

Contracts will be given depending on the order. if any are interested in seeing the contract beforehand, I can send one of my basic contracts for an illustration. Contracts will be legally binding and will be treated professionally. If found that a client has knowingly altered a contract after sending it without informing the artist, the order will be eminently terminated and the client blacklisted. Contracts should only be altered after both artist and client, have agreed upon the change.

Verbal agreements are just simple text agreements for any order, and for smaller orders. A simplified version of a contract would be sent as part of the price quote and again in the invoice for the payment. 


These are some general questions that i can give a simple overview for, but if you have some specific questions, please message me!

Legal notes

i am not a lawyer, but these are my terms of service and notifying you about potential concerns that could lead to legal issues with any commissioned content that's used for commercial use.

by reading this, you have been advised, and if you have more legal concerns that I can not cover please talk to a proper lawyer.

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