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Digital Art Commission Prices

These are estimated/general prices as every order is heavily customizable and varied. Currently, there's a new 2024 policy to keep my commission queue short, that an order has to be a minimum of $100 USD, with a limited 3-5 commission slots a month.

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Digital  Illustrations 

Simple/Complex Background 


Turnaround roughly 1-2 Months

Character Render without Background


Turnaround roughly 15 - 30 Days

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Commission Process

Process of my work goes from, inisal idea thumbnail sketches to final idea sketches, color testing, figure/art refining, lining and rending to final effects and editing. then sent on over to you! 

generally i do a few checks throughout the process, the sketch-checkin, prefinal checks and post final checks. along with any quick check ins to get some minor questions anwsered.

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Streaming Assets

Full asset package


Overlays, Panels, Alerts

$30 per scene +$40 animated

$10 per panel

$20-$40 animated alerts

Emotes and or Sub-badges 

$15 per

Png Tuber / Vtuber Model Art

$50-$100+ /$300~ plus


They did an amazing job bringing a character i love dearly to life. They are really fun to work with and are incredibly talented. Can't wait to work with you again in the near future! I fully recommend this Artist

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I originally found TheSamDS on fiver and I was in need of a png tuber, the details being a viikingdaddy. Sam has literally created my brand from that day, making amazing artwork for me from panels, screens, png and Vtubers, sub badges and emotes! Sam is highly recommended by myself and they some of the nicest artwork I have seen online ever. 10/10 rating, I will always come back for more artwork, and I will always recommend you to others in need of the styles that you are so very amazing at!

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I found TheSamDS on Fiverr and just needed a PNG. I told Sam the details "Just a Duck in a Hoodie" and my god she sent it. This first-gen design came out magnificently given the lackluster details. I gave her the utensils and let her cook, and she delivered some of my favourite designs for panels, overlays and alerts. I'm keen to be working with her in the future.

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TheSamDS is an incredible artist who will work closely with you regarding your commissions. If you ask for updates or anything related, she will be sure to respond as soon as she can! While there are times when the delivery may be late or past due, she will give you updates and how progress is going. Alongside any issues that may be causing said delays as well. She’s very understanding and a joy to work with. Always look forward to my time working with her!

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Sam is an incredibly talented and one of a kind artist. Amazing when it comes to communication, works with you on any edits, and is just an overall joy to work with.

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Social Media Art

Icons / Banners 

$15-$50 custom icons

$75-$150 Adjustable banners

Memes/ custom templates


Custom Materials or items 

quotes greatly vary

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$20 - $40 per 10 Seconds or $120-$240 per minute


* Prices vary due to file quality, character design & frame rate


General Information

 Turnaround time varies from project to project, but averages 5 days per 10 seconds

Films, Videos, and Shorts are only on an hourly rate, more information in 'projects' below

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Project Rates and Infromation

Projects can vary and not everything can be easily covered, here are some general rates I do for some larger projects. not every project will be the same so there will be some required meetings and briefings to get better quotes and rates

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Project Rates

Comic Artist/Writer

$30-$50 Per page/$600-$1000 per Chapter


Music videos/animator

$240+ Per minute

StoryBoard Artist

$20 an hour 

Brand Packages

$300 - $500


All prices vary and the best way to get a quote is by messaging me! you can fill out the forum below or email!

Lets Work Together!
Type of Commission

Thanks for Submitting!

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