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Rate per hour/page

($20 per hour/$40 per page)




After the initial discussion about the project, what expectations we both have, agreements made, and contracts sorted. We would start out with storyboarding the panels making notes of what's needed per page and how we would arrange them. Adjusting if certain panels need more dedication to them or if others can be a quick snap box.

After sorting the draft, and getting it okied by you, we move to get the sketches/linework started. We can work out samples to give an idea of what art style would fit best for the project. Slowly getting all the pages done with weekly updates, finals would be collected into a google doc drive folder.


Ether bi-weekly if not monthly, we would go over what has been done and double-check everything, from small errors to general adjustments. This would be the line work of the art and a sketch overlay where the text/bubbles would be. After that set was approved, I would go back to do the edits and finalize the text bubbles. Finals would be put into the finals folder in google drive. 

Finally, after everything is completely done, you would be given control access to the google drive folder! With our beginning discussion, you may post/use the content and let people enjoy the work!

              "Comics are amazing and one of my favorite things to work on! Not only setting up a story but also visually adjusting images to help tell the story with or without text. I work to insure each project keeps a specific style that keeps to the mood and theme, from working from my general digital illustration style to traditional graphite or pen on large sheets of paper. "


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Rate per hour/page

($10 per sec/$600 per minute)




Very similar to how we start a comic project, a discussion is had with agreements, expectations, and contracts. after obtaining scripts and doing a simple run-through of thumbnails detailing simple visuals to get a sense of pacing and tone for the storyboard/animation.

After touching base with the short run-through, and getting notes and adjustments, the storyboard section will be polished off into a proper storyboard/animatic. Double checking throughout the process to make sure everything is on course. If it’s just the storyboard, our process would stop here and the project file on google Docs would be sent to you and transferred ownership.

If we are working on a final animation, this is only the long beginning. Usually, after the boards, I tend to start on sample scenes to get an idea of how everything will look. Once approved, we move on to working on sections of the animation with bi-weekly updates, and adjustments made as needed. Once everything is lined up and finished, you would receive the google doc folder filed with the scenes sections and the animation in full, both with and without audio. (if an editor needs to come in to adjust some stuff is fine!)

"Animation is a huge passion of mine, from writing essays in college about animation in history to working on small independent projects to understand every part of the process! This love for animation is part of the reason why i am a story artist, and not just a simple illustrator or animator."


Other information

   I do require credits on these types of works, from a simple “art/animation by TheSamDS” or having my name part of the work, ie; “author:_____ artist: TheSamDS” on the cover and/or in the credits for animation. I tend to share some of my work online and love linking back to the source material, ie “I helped work on a comic book! You can find it here: links”

   I genuinely love my work and put 200% into each project. I do have limits, I have some information lined up in my T.O.S., but to give a simple overview, I will not do; pornography, fetish, or highly graphic material.
   Specifically for larger orders, I do have a day “timelimit”. Working 5-8 hours on my active workdays, Tuesday to Friday plus Sunday. So a max of 25-40 hours a week, as I have to work on other projects and orders in that time.

for other information about my terms of service, please click on the blue TOS button!

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