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The Goat &
The Shrew

     ‘The Goat and the Shrew’ is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew set in a Victorian-style fantasy world.

      I have written and directed three scenes of this story: The bridal chase scene that follows the runaway bride, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, accidentally ending up at the church for the wedding; The somber scene displays an introspective moment after a tense fight; And the angry argument scene shows a wistful conversation between confrontational newlyweds.  

       This is my senior thesis project,  something we did over 3 months! I'm pretty proud of most of it, being a large project but excited for the next one! you can check this and some future stuff on my youtube channel.


Black Rabbit

      Black Rabbit brings a new approach to Streaming, Charity, and entertainment. using her private website to raise money for large charities while making a show to steal certain items from museums, private collectors, and detective's offices. but not everything is glitter and spectacle, the conflicting use of the charity funds for personal gain, using criminal intent to excite an online audience or wasting police officers time.

      both highs and lows, thousands of dollars for charity, a criminal career on the line and ethics of it all. what will the black rabbit do?

Clothes Shopping

"Clothes shopping" was one of my college old assignments, it was one of the first times I tried putting pages together for storyboards. it was a fun attempt and learned a lot from this assignment!

I've changed up how I personally approach showing/filing storyboards. but always flexible to change things up for having the boards read easier!

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