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The Traveling Three

The traveling three is a monochromatic comic following three characters that can barely speak the same language, all running for various reasons. They decide to help one another to find a place that won't harm them, helping those on the way and getting ingredients for a very rare potion. Not everyone is happy with that chaotic group, from a bar-loving guard to a sea king dragon.

What were they running from?

What's the purpose of the potion?



Come for the journey, stay for the question and decipher the clues.

you can read the comic on these sites!

Meet the 'Cast'

3 characters, stuck together. no one fully understands the other, yet all have to survive the world that seems to hunt them down.

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Sir [skeleton] CCXXXV

A burning red headed traveler with almost every map of the country, and a need to know what is being said. Her only possession is a bag filled with maps… or so you think.

One of the most dangerous, sentient creatures in the country is just chilling with this group. Though not taking real interest in them, his eyes are more on the environment.

A pro-playing musician using an odd instrument that almost looks like it's made from the rarest materials in the country. Even though he might be the most dead, he drips sarcasm like he rips melodies.

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